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What are the best Medications for Type-2 Diabetes?

What is Type-2 Diabetes?

Diabetes Mellitus is a health condition that causes a rise in the blood sugar level, higher than the optimal level which is right for the appropriate functioning of the body. The blood sugar is broken down and converted into glucose which is consumed by the body in the form of energy to perform daily tasks of life.

Diabetes is further divided into two major types; Type-1 and Type-2. Type-2 Diabetes is the most common type of diabetes which is diagnosed in people. It is a medical condition in which the production of insulin is not sufficient enough for the body to function. Type-2 diabetes is also referred to insulin resistance. Medications for type-2 diabetes are a common treatment which is prescribed for the control and regulation of blood sugar.
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Common causes of Diabetes type-2

As it is known that type-2 diabetes is a condition in which the body is unable to produce enough insulin which is required for the optimal functioning of the body. By some physicians and doctors, it is also referred to as insulin resistance.
There are a few factors that in combination can play a role in causing diabetes. These include
Þ    Genetics; It is scientifically proven that diabetes is a genetically inherent disease that runs in the family. The genetic makeup of people who suffer from diabetes is altered and which will pass from one generation to another
Þ    Obesity; It is one of the most prevalent cause of diabetes and many other heath conditions as well
Þ    Age; Age is also a contributing factor for the onset of diabetes to a certain extent. It is reported that normally diabetes type-2 is diagnosed in patients that are over 35 to 40 years of age
Þ    Broken down Beta cells; this is one of the most unknown and less talked about causes of diabetes. The cells that are responsible for producing insulin break down and are unable to send the insulin in the right direction
Þ    Race and ethnicity: another very less talked about factor that causes diabetes is ethnicity. Studies reveal that people who belong to the African, Chinese, Japanese and Asian ethnicity are prone to be diagnosed with Diabetes than in any other part of the world

Treatment of Diabetes type-2

The treatment of diabetes type-2 can be helpful to control and regulate the blood sugar which is very important in order for the disease to stay manageable, otherwise it may lead to some serious health concerns. There are a number of treatment methods that can be adapted to.
Þ    A positive change in life style - This will certainly be the most important method of treatment because a healthy way of life will certainly lead to a healthier body and mind
Þ    Eating right – It is much important to not only cut down on the sugar but also to keep an eye on what type of fruits, vegetables, meats you are in taking
Þ    Medication for type-2 diabetes – No patient of diabetes can survive without the daily intake of medicine which is best suited for their condition. There are over hundreds over medicine that have been found till date for the effective control of blood sugar. These medicines include Glucophage, Novolog, Flexpin, Wellcol, Byetta etc.

Þ    Blood sugar monitoring – it is important to keep a check on daily fluctuations of the blood sugar

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